About to sail: Congrats to the Jaycees for organizing the 39th annual Youth Basketball Tournament in Crescent City. With 56 teams from across California competing, it's a monumental feat of organization to pull together such an event. It's obviously successful as teams keep coming back. Meanwhile, it brings in tens of thousands of dollars to local hotels, restaurants and gas stations as families set up home for the weekend here.

Dragging anchor: Boo hiss to inconsiderate drivers who don't seem to think weather affects road conditions. With snow falling inland and south of Klamath, narrow and tightly curved roads have been icy, slushy and wet enough for hydroplaning. Minus the occasional mudslide or avalanche, roads are passable, but only when drivers go well below the speed limit, focus on the road and are considerate of other vehicles. Driving dangerously in such weather may get a driver there a minute or two sooner, but along the banks of the Smith River or at the edge of an oceanside cliff, it's a big risk to take with one's life and the lives of others.

About to sail: Kudos to local law enforcement officers for being willing to share information about the latest illegal drugs poised to endanger our children. Some would prefer that such information remain under wraps, believing that those who know are likely to abuse. Quite the contrary - those who don't know remain vulnerable and almost certainly will be victimized. Parents ought to recognized that meth now is being targeted at their children, and they ought to talk about it with them.

About to sail: A loud andquot;carry onandquot; to the Redwood Mural Society, a group of local residents aiming to add more murals to Crescent City buildings. The murals celebrate our heritage and help generate civic pride. They also add to our cadre of offerings for tourists - yes, people actually travel about looking at murals. Perhaps most importantly on the tourism front, the murals present a positive image of the community to visitors. To paraphrase recent visitor and economic consultant David Beurle, people don't want to go someplace that people living there don't care about.The next mural likely will be of Jedediah Smith on the wall of Ace Hardware.

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