The library is a cornerstone of our downtown and of Crescent City. It is where people can gather, not just to find books but to hear speakers and hold meetings. The library's condition is a reflection of how much a community values learning and its self pride.

Given this, we were deeply surprised to discover the wretched condition of our library's roof. It leaks in several places - to the point that many of its ceiling tiles have become saturated and deteriorated. Indeed, over the library director's desk a ragged hole gapes in the ceiling - at a time when we're trying to hire a new director.

This condition is intolerable.

So through the generous support of the Wild Rivers Community Foundation, Green Diamond Resources, Hambro Forest Products Group and other partners, The Daily Triplicate on Thursday was able to give the library board the money necessary to replace the roof. The Wild Rivers grant came to $4,500 while Green Diamond donated $1,000. Hambro has agreed to pick up the costs of disposal and another partner will cover the teardown costs, a $4,200 endeavor. These donations and other volunteer efforts helped match $10,000 in money the library had already set aside for the roof project. The Daily Triplicate sought the dollars on behalf of the library for each part of the roof project, from tear-down to replacement, from dry rot repair to disposal. Work should be completed this summer.

Without the help of these donors, the library roof at best would be repatched. A few days of strong rain could have left those repairs moot and caused more damage that only increased the cost of a roof replacement.

We hope that these donations and the new roof symbolizes the beginning of an effort to improve the library's physical condition - and its standing - in the community. The library will be vital in efforts to revitalize downtown and more broadly in our efforts to improve the area's overall . We again thank those who believed in the library with their donation and look forward to others joining future collaborative efforts to improve this key, community facility.