Politely send homeless not our own down the road

I so agree with Doug Morgan (andquot;Don't cater to irresponsible,andquot; Feb. 2), and I am so glad that someone that works with those in need has decided to take the time to make it clear to everyone in this area what is important.

The reason that we are attracting more and more homeless is that once the word is out that we tolerate and give to those who choose to be homeless, it travels like wild fire up and down the costal route from San Diego to Seattle that we welcome, feed and encourage that lifestyle.

Anyone who thinks that handing out services will make life better for everyone is living a pipe dream. Just read of the deaths of the woman that the police assume died of an overdose and the man that went to the hospital and got an injection of pain killers for a head injury only to buy booze and be picked up for public intoxication - only to die because of his own addiction.

Most people want to see Crescent City prosper and be able to put every person who wants a job to work. Until then, we need to find a way to politely send the homeless that are not our own down the road.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City


Horrible childhood of abuse led to woman's collapse

The overdose victim found in the couch was my childhood friend (andquot;Deputies find body of missing woman,andquot; Feb. 3). I knew her from the time she was a little girl. She was not a wanted child. She was passed around from family to family like a puppy. In this time she was severely physically and sexually abused. This happened while she was very, very young. To me, it seems like stepping on a flower and expecting it to look and be the same.

I was shocked to see her picture in the paper. She looked much older than her years. She was an angel that lived a little hell on earth. She was a sweet, beautiful person one time.

I would like to thank the Del Norte CountySheriff's Department for pursuing this case so adamantly.

Love your children!

Lynn Langdon




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