Solutions to 2 problems?

If you were to believe the letters to the editor and the Chamber of Commerce, we have only two major problems here: increasing tourism and helping the homeless. I have come up with a solution for both. Kill two stones with one bird.

The chamber could use some of the money it conned out of the County Board and City Council to advertise a goose hunt and dinner during the upcoming Goose Festival. One of the conditions of the hunt is that half of the geese shot be donated. The homeless advocates and Friends of Del Norte could handle the cooking and collecting the dinner fees, with the provision that they feed at the same time, one homeless person for each paid admission. Be sure to invite those that think the tourists don't mind seeing the bums panhandling along our streets and seat them all together.

Seriously, both perceived problems have easy solutions.

Listen to the advice of Doug Morgan of CAN (andquot;Don't cater to irresponsible,andquot; Feb. 2). He has more experiences with the homeless than all the other advocates put together. Help only those who want to improve themselves. Helping the rest is like feeding stray cats. Feed one, and soon you have a multitude hanging around.

All the chamber has to do to improve tourism is do what they are chartered to do: Work with their member businesses to service their customers. It is crab season, and the motel lots are full for this time of year. Where are the open restaurants that have a reasonably priced crab dinner? Why not a crab festival instead of the goose one? Attract retirees like Brookings does. They spend money 365 days a year instead of two or three.

Jim Wisbauer

Crescent City


Empathy greatly appreciated

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize an amazing youth in our community who touched my family deeply on the evening of Dec. 31.

A very scary thing happened that evening at Wal-Mart: My daughter fainted. As we were waiting for the ambulance to come, I sat there on floor in Wal-Mart holding my daughter in my arms and started to cry. At that point, a young lady came to my side and sat with me until the ambulance arrived. My two daughters and I had seen her in the jewelry section that evening prior to this event happening and she had offered us warm and kind smiles.

After my daughter was in the ambulance, and we had concluded that she had just had a mere fainting episode and there wasn't anything medically wrong with her, we decided to take her home.

As I stood outside the ambulance waiting for the crew to complete the paperwork, this amazing young lady came to me again, grabbed my hand, and as crying said to me, andquot;I am so sorry,andquot; then gave me a hug.

It is a great quality in an individual to show this much kindness, compassion and empathy for people she didn't even know. This is a true gift that even as adults, some of us don't possess. More often than not, we as humans can only see the negative or bad in situations or in people for that matter. Moreover, if we do see the good in people, rarely do we take the time to recognize them or thank them for touching our lives in such an amazing capacity.

I want to thank whoever you are for being there for my family that scary evening. We do not know your name, but you are an amazing young woman who is going to do great things in life and touch many lives. God bless you and thank you so much.

Teresa Bertolini and family

Fort Dick



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