Jet hangar just another way to mess up Aleutian geese

Regarding andquot;Jet hangar could bring in cash for county,andquot; Jan. 31). First it was to extend the Aleutian goose hunting season so the dairy farmers could keep them off their pastures and make a tidy profit from out-of-town hunters. Then it was to lease out the only other grazing areas the geese had in this area (public lands by Lake Earl) to cattle ranchers. Now, it's cater to the 512th richest person in the world to allow her jet to come in (possibly at all hours of night and day) to spook the geese while they roost near the airport. I'm quite sure there will be a next!

Fred Schultz

Crescent City


Josh Lacy served as hero to coach, his family

Anytime you coach athletics you will find it impossible not to form bonds of affection with those you are coaching, regardless of the sport (andquot;Teen remembered as friend, athlete, jokester, poet,andquot; Jan. 20). The recent loss of Josh Lacy brought this lesson home in a particularly poignant fashion to everyone who now must suffer the pain and anguish of this loss, especially those to us who knew him best. However, Josh was more than simply an athlete to me; he was a friend to my family and to my children.

Josh was the poster boy for andquot;It is not the size of the dog in the fight. It is the size of the fight in the dog.andquot; I have never coached a more determined or tougher young man in my life. Had I told him to crash through a brick wall, you might as well kiss that wall goodbye. Simply stated, Josh happened to be one of my heroes.

This may sound peculiar coming from an adult speaking of such a young man, but it is easily explained. That rare person, regardless of age who acts without showing fear or hesitation towards his/her goals and in so doing brings others up to the same level or beyond is a hero. In my opinion and in the opinion of those who knew Josh, of such metal was Josh Lacy forged as nothing was beyond his reach once he made up.

Josh can never really leave us so long as we who loved him hold that love in our heart. Speaking for my family and me, that love can never die. The repugnant animal that left such a young man cold and bleeding on the ground to pass from this earth, I have only one thing to say: It is not my place to judge you either on this earth or in the life beyond, but it is my fervent hope and prayer that in either case that judge makes your fate one that will make strong men tremble for a thousand years.

To the Lacy family, it is my fervent wish that you take some small comfort in knowing that heroes never die, but live forever in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved them.

Goodbye, Josh. May your memory serve as strength and motivation to all those who knew you.

Patrick I. Terry and family

Crescent City