Does Crescent City need such cold-heartedness?

Regarding andquot;Does Crescent City want tourists to see beggars?andquot; (Jan. 30), has the letter writer even thought to or asked this man why he sits there everyday, why he is the way he is and lives the way he does? I'm sure he did not ask to be, as the writer calls it, a andquot;beggar.andquot;

The letter stated that he carries crutches yet walks with no limp. Maybe he had previously had an injury to his leg and it is healed now, but he has nowhere to keep his crutches. I am sure if he had a house he would store his crutches somewhere there, but then if he had a house he wouldn't be sitting in an empty lot by Dutch Bros., would he? Most people don't ask to be beggars or to be homeless, it just happens.

The letter writer asks if Crescent City residents have so little pride to let someone andquot;set up shopandquot; there. Here is a better question: Does Crescent City have so little pride that they/we let someone so cold-hearted post something in the community newspaper for thousands of visitors to see?

Daniella Cabrera

Crescent City

We shouldn't help homeless because they won't work

It appears that everyone in town is horribly worried about the situation of the Crescent City homeless. Every day in the letters to the editor one reads andquot;Someone help them.andquot; andquot;Somebody has to feed them.andquot; andquot;Who is going to care for them?andquot; May I ask, why the concern?

It is terribly insulting as a full-time student and worker to be asked (after an eight hour work day) for food or money. Most of us work all day to barely make it, why should we be expected to help out those who do not work? Contrary to popular belief, there are jobs out there, and there are countless programs to assist those who need and deserve assistance.

In addition, a Jan. 30 letter (andquot;Does Crescent City want tourists to see beggars?andquot;) stated that homelessness in Crescent City and pride for the town can not co-exist. The people of Crescent City ought to be thankful that they can count the amount of homeless people on their fingers. As for the tourists? I'm pretty sure they don't particularly notice the handful of beggars on our streets. Every city has a homeless population, and no one is going to disregard Crescent City as a tourist attraction because there are a few homeless people wandering around with signs.

For as much attention as this issue is getting, it truly isn't that important.

Stacey Jochimsen

Crescent City

Crescent City's 'beggar' didn't want to be homeless

In response to Jan. 30 letter andquot;Does Crescent City want tourists to see beggars?andquot;:

?It is legal in California to hold up a sign for help or funds.

?The Homeless Help Committee has worked with the individual referred to as the andquot;beggarandquot; for more than six months by getting him to medical specialists. His disabilities are documented.

?This individual has applied to SSI, but receiving help can take a year.

?The individual referred to needs $50 a month to survive, for showers, laundry, bus and over-the-counter medicines.

?The person in question took care of his grandmother for years managing her rental properties and driving a taxi. When she entered a convalescent home, the state took all of her assets, leaving our client homeless even though he was her heir. It could happen to anyone unless they are deeded the property two years prior to death or state care in a convalescent home. If there are assets, even SSI gets refunded.

Carolynn Starr


Homeless Help Committee

Crescent City

City was willing to work with church, pastor says

Last week there was a lot of print about the subject of feeding the poor, and I got the impression that City Planner Will Caplinger was the andquot;bad guyandquot; in all of this.

Since I was involved personally with some of those issues that were discussed, I just wanted to say that in my dealings with Will and also with Health Inspector Peter Ekos that they were more than cooperative in helping me to find solutions and to direct me in what needed to be done in order to solve the problems that we face.

The issue of feeding the poor has been a part of our community ever since I have lived here, and I am glad to see the interest in trying to come to a solution. I would hope we could continue to work together in coming up with a resolve.

Pastor Larry Read

New Life Community Church

Crescent City


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