No law can prevent abortion

If I am a pregnant woman carrying a fetus which I do not want, there is no law in the world that can make me carry that unwanted child to term (andquot;Overturn Roe v. Wade,andquot; Jan. 26). Any woman who wants an abortion can get one whether it is against the law or not. No one can stop her. It has always been so.

I will admit that Roe v. Wade does make it easier for women to get safe, sanctioned abortions. Before Roe v. Wade, thousands of women died from abortions because safe medical abortions were not used.

To have a child is the most expensive procedure in the world. It can cost many thousands of dollars - doctors, nurses, hospitals, all these things are enormously expensive - and even people who are fairly well-off find it difficult to cover such leviathan costs.

Those who imagine that any man-made law either for or against abortions will have very much effect upon any woman who has made up her mind to abort, is in a pipe-dream. Such a law can have no ameliorating effect at all. We had better try to remember that the purpose of laws is to ameliorate the actions of human beings, not force people to do something that is against their wills.

George James

Crescent City



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