Reaction to homeless, Iraq shows lack of hope, caring

I believe that in people there is a lack of hope and caring in Del Norte County- we see this in the faces of the homeless herewith no roof over their heads and going to bed with an empty feeling because they have not eaten (andquot;Restore funds for successful homeless effort,andquot; Jan. 26). We also see the call in Washington, D.C., and in San Francisco for the need to bring our troops home, but you do not see any yellow ribbons on any trees around here.

Why? I remember the call to make love not war. There was once a song that stated - andquot;The times are changing.andquot; Maybe we need to be singing that song again.

Richard Miles

Crescent City


Does Crescent City want tourists to see beggars?

Again today as I was going south on U.S. Hwy. 101, I saw our town beggar. He is there everyday. He sits there in an empty lot by Dutch Bros. He is making a living begging. I have seen him walking and though he carries crutches, he walks without a limp.

Does Crescent City have so little pride that having a beggar setting up shop there everyday for thousands of visitors to see as they pass through on their way south is OK?

Clara Takkinen

Crescent City


Don't water down classes just to ensure diploma

andquot;DNHS Grads + 2008=Geometryandquot; (Jan. 24) reports that Del Norte High School is attempting to solve the problem of student failures by offering an easy andquot;geometry conceptsandquot; class in place of the real thing to satisfy graduation requirements.

Why don't we carry this brilliant solution to its logical conclusion, do away with the bother of classes entirely, and simply staple a high school diploma to everyone's birth certificate at birth?

A half century of declining standards in our public schools has produced a recent report which estimated that more than half of American adults are now andquot;functionally illiterate.andquot; The warm and fuzzy liberal edict that everyone is andquot;entitledandquot; to a high school diploma, whether or not they have a high school education, makes a joke of equality and is offensive to those of us who worked to earn the real thing.

In a competitive high-tech world in which countries such as India and China are now turning out more than 100 times as many technical and scientific workers as America does, this pathetic liberal andquot;solutionandquot; is more dangerous to the future of our country than any terrorist attack.

John Cupp

Smith River