To attract more tourists, some must change behavior

Everyone should start looking at what the definition of a firearm is - a BB gun is a firearm (andquot;Girls held at gunpoint after BB gun spree,andquot; Jan. 18). The definition of a firearm is anything that shoots a projectile. That means that even a slingshot is considered a firearm when it suits the prosecutors. The one thing that the public should know is that it is a felony to shoot a firearm inside the city limits, and it does meet the criteria if the prosecutor really wanted to pursue it.

I have been reading a lot of things in the paper that are almost scary to me. Sex offenders hardly serving any time, hardcore drug dealers also get very little time, and everyone is making excuses for the behavior.

I personally have seen teenagers and adults hanging in the tot-lot area of the park drinking and smoking while parents with children young enough to play in the area walk away.

It looks to me as though some people would rather turn their heads and have the decent people of this town not use the services meant for them if it means that the area comes down hard on those that make like so hard for others.

It would be nice to see equal justice for all here. Aren't we trying to promote this area for vacationers and retirees?

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City



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Thompson ought to focus on immigration issues

Most of our newspapers and electronic media are and have been consumed with the reporting of the Iraq situation, particularly the loss of 3,000-plus troops in the past five years. This loss, to say the least, is unconscionable. Even one fatality is unacceptable.

We all have the utmost sorrow and grief for those lost heroes and their families, but I find myself confused with the priorities of our Congress. Their No. 1 priority is to protect the people of these United States from all harm, especially foreign. I have seen very little if any news of effort by our Congress to address the statistical 9,000 American citizens murdered each year by illegal aliens entering this country during the past years. Many of these aliens flee the country afterward never to be apprehended. Maybe now that our esteemed congressman,Rep. Mike Thompson, has been appointed to the House Intelligence committee (andquot;Thompson appointed to intelligence committee,andquot; Jan. 19), he can put partisan politics aside and address this urgent serious situation.

Al Tennant

Smith River

Remove troops from Iraq, begin impeachment of Bush

The Democrats and Chuck Hagel are proposing a non-binding resolution to voice their disapproval of President George W. Bush's troop surge in Iraq. What a joke.

The last thing we need right now is some stupid andquot;symbolicandquot; note on the war in Iraq. Just to show you how dumb the two parties can be, the Republicans are threatening to filibuster the non-binding resolution.

I don't know whether to call this whole process useless or futile.

The Dems and the GOP are wasting everybody's time with this symbolic vote.

All I know is that when a soldier or a civilian dies in Iraq, there is nothing andquot;symbolicandquot; about it.

It is time for the Democrats to take away the funding for this debacle in Iraq, and Nancy Pelosi needs to quit acting like a political coward. It is not up to Pelosi to take impeachment off the table. I say it is well past time to put impeachment back on the table when the Iraq War is such a disaster and because both won't do a thing to protect the borders.

Bush and his supporters want to talk about national security. What national security? Get us out of Iraq now! Impeach Bush now!

Joe Thomas