Josh Lacy made difference in many students' lives

It is hard to write this because the truth is nobody ever wants to hear the kind of news we have gotten (andquot;Students mourn fallen classmate,andquot; Jan. 17). I didn't get the chance to know Josh, but I think he made a difference in everyone's life whether they know it or not. Just seeing those gorgeous green eyes and the amazing smile just made each of my days. Truly, I mean this. I regret not getting a chance to get to know such an amazing person like Josh, and I guess the good really do die young. I wish Josh could have stayed.

I hate even saying this and no one probably wants to admit it, but Josh isin a better place. I actually feel blessed because some people didn't get the chance to be around him, but I just pray that they find the person that did this because Josh deserves that much.

R.I.P. Josh Angel Lacy. We all miss you.

Tara Salvaressa

Crescent City

Driver should show respect to Josh by turning self in

I really didn't know Josh very well, but his loss means a great deal to the high school and the students that attend (andquot;Students mourn fallen classmate,andquot; Jan. 17). Many tears were shed and are still being shed. Josh will never be forgotten. We'll all miss him. It's way messed up that no one has fessed up to hitting him and causing his death. No one deserves this. Whoever did it should show some respect for someone so loved and turn themselves in.

We'll miss you, Josh.

Alysa Votruba

Crescent City

Time arrives to construct long-term homeless shelter

How wonderful it was to be a part of the effort to house the homeless at the fairgrounds this past weekend (andquot;Weekend success may suggest town ready for shelter,andquot; Jan. 16). How glorious to see children's faces lit up with glee at the mere fact of being warm, having somewhere to sleep and play, and getting to eat decent food.

How my heart was filled with joy when I would see these people slaving to clean up after everyone, to keep the floors swept and mopped - not because they had to or were asked to, but because they were so genuinely grateful for having a warm place to lay their heads.

How touching it was to me when several of them broke down and cried on my shoulder, admitting the addiction they struggle with, and pleading for us to hurry to get a shelter long-term where they could safely learn how to live drug and alcohol free. Oh, and the pain in their eyes when they each begged for me to save them a spot when we did get a recovery shelter going.

I applaud each and everyone that helped in any way with prayers, help, and donations. Moreover, I wish that everyone in our great city could feel for just one moment the exhilaration and the utter heartbreak this experience brought.

I couldn't stay for the last morning. I couldn't watch the children, seniors and adults go back out into the biting cold. These four wonderful days proved to me that a shelter isn't only needed, but we're ready to do the work involved. All of us at Our Daily Bread would work night and day tirelessly to see these people given a chance.

I beg for someone out there, anyone, to give us the building to make this happen and I promise you, you will see results. You will see lives changed as we live as an example of what God can do in the lives of seemingly hopeless addicts. You will see all kinds of problems and all types of situations turned around.

It's about compassion. It's about mercy. It's about giving. It's about time!

Rev. Rachel Justice

Our Daily Bread Ministries

Crescent City

Question about sprinklers is 'kicking man when he's down'

There is nothing more cowardly than kicking a man when he's down, especially when he is really down. The recent letter andquot;Didn't pet store possess sprinklers to put out fire?andquot; (Jan. 11) takes the cake, and I for one am appalled that the Triplicate would print such crap. So, I have just one question for the andquot;sprinklerandquot; lady: Have you ever housed a relative, pet or loved one in a home without sprinklers? If so, go ahead and cast the first stone.

Thomas R. Paine




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