City can't stop now in solving area's homeless problem

I'm sure glad to see the town is waking up to the homeless problem (andquot;City asked to address homeless,andquot; Jan. 17). Now don't stop. We've got a serious problem that needs attention and cannot be ignored. It might cut down on crime because the homeless sometimes steal to get money for food. I'm from Oregon and I've never seen a town that has no help. A lot of these homeless didn't choose to be so. How would you feel if you were one and there's no help. Let's unlock our wallets and help.

Suzanne Littlefair

Crescent City

We must find hit-and-run driver who left Lacy to die

We need to figure out who hit Joshua A. Lacy for his family and for all of his friends (andquot;Hit-and-run driver: Turn yourself in,andquot; Jan. 16).

I don't know how I could live with myself if I hit a kid. I just wish this guy would turn himself in. It's hurting the family and the friends of Josh. I don't even know how the guy could leave him to lie there and die as he kept going. Now everyone is hurt.

Josh was a well-loved guy by everyone. I wish he could come back, and if I could bring him back I would. But I can't, so at least the next best thing would be to find out who did this.

Josh, you will be missed by all - and No. 19 and No. 44 will live on forever.

Anthony Allen

Crescent City



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