Hill's effort to help homeless deserves great applause

andquot;Thank youandquot; just does not express my gratitude to Steve Hill (andquot;Weekend success may suggest town ready for shelter,andquot; Jan. 16).

His caring and obvious organizing led to the opening of the Crescent City andquot;Sleep Indoorsandquot; at the Fairground.

I applaud and appreciate him and everyone who helped him in this commendable effort. Bravo. Bless you, Steve Hill.

At the same time, how is it that anyone can heap guilt on our longtime business owner who is already grieving the loss of life during the recent fire? (andquot;Didn't pet store possess sprinklers to put out fire?andquot; Jan. 11) I find it unfathomable.

Marlene Lyssenko

Crescent City

Driver who hit Josh Lacy lacks a conscience

What has happened to the Lacy family is absolutely disgusting (andquot;Hit-and-run driver: Turn yourself in,andquot; Jan. 16). The person who did this has no conscience. The driver is soulless to leave that young boy there like that. Even if the driver was scared and panicked, an anonymous call to get help for Josh could have at least been made. Then maybe this may have not ended so tragic. Because of the driver's actions, or should I say lack of, this family is having to say goodbye to their son with no answers why. No parent should have to bury their child, especially by the act of another.

The driver is going to have to live with the fact that he or she is a coward for the rest of their life! This person needs to think of the Lacy family and what it has done to them and stop being so selfish and accept responsibility for what they have done. Yes, this person may have a family, but they should consider if the situation was reversed, they would certainly want some answers why this happened, they would want someone to take responsibility for their actions, as should this driver.

This is beyond the point of right and wrong. The driver made that decision when they left Josh helpless and alone on the road. This is very saddening to me and hard to grasp that there are really people that have no concern or respect of others.All I can hope for is this driver someday feels enough guilt and remorse to come forward and make amends with themselves and maybe, in time, the forgiveness of those the driver has hurt.

Casey Stratton

Crescent City