Lacy family deserves to know who killed their son

Whoever this heartless person is or persons are that hit Josh Lacy on Friday morning will be found (andquot;Hit-and-run driver: Turn yourself in,andquot; Jan. 16). We are too strong of a community to let this person go without facing the music. Someone had to have seen something and people talk in our community.

It would be much better for this person to come forward on their own, as hard as it may be. I hope this person wakes up every morning with tremendous guilt and goes to sleep every night with tremendous guilt. No family should ever have to go through what the Lacys are going through. Josh's family deserves to know who took their son from them.

Jeannie Stilwell

Crescent City

Why not just buy everyone a new home instead?

In reference to the front-page story andquot;Affordable housing plan slow to developandquot; (Jan. 13), I would urge the planners of the project, as well as the Triplicate staff writers, to take a crash review course in grade-school arithmetic.

The proposed plan is reported to cost $8 million for 26 units. This is an average cost per family of more than $307,000. The reported median sale price in December of single-family homes in Del Norte County was only $285,000.

Wouldn't it be much more economically sensible to simply go out on the open market and purchase 26 existing middle-class homes at the median price? The money saved would be enough to provide a nice new car to go along with each of the new homes.

John P. Cupp

Smith River

Surge in Iraq necessary, just it was during World War II

Regarding Glen Brunner's letter andquot;Bush's proposed 'surge' in Iraq amounts to escalationandquot; (Jan. 11), he starts by saying this war was pre-emptive and illegal. Where is his reference to the 14 U.N. Security Council resolutions?

Where is his condemnation of President Clinton for not having the fortitude to take the action that President George W. Bush finally took? Remember, President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and the top leaders of the Democratic Party said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Saddam was shooting at American planes over the no-fly zone. Remember, the Kurds were gassed by some of the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam, the mass murderer, had. Al-Qaida used the northeast corner of Iraq as a training location. No, I don't think this war is illegal or unjust.

What is unjust is the anti-American slant put on this war by the liberal media and the Democrats, and yes, some Republicans also. I do not see any condemnation of the terrorists for killing women and children, for cutting off heads of the people they killed and showed to the world. Why does Brunner not condemn these acts of brutality?

Brunner says that we are going to do a andquot;surgeandquot; by putting in more troops. Doesn't he know history? We put in more troops at the Battle of the Bulge, in Italy, and in the Pacific when we were serious about winning World War II.

Why does Brunner not call for victory rather than condemning this president? Does he want to see America lose a war we cannot and must not lose? By his type of rhetoric, he is encouraging the terrorists to kill more American troops. By the way, drunk drivers kill more Americans on our highways, and I did not read anything by Brunner complaining about those deaths.

There is a military solution, but it must be done with a more determined Iraqi force, and that is why this surge is going to Iraq.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City



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