Raw sewage issue typifies leaderships' underachieving

The editorial andquot;Raw sewage needed action long agoandquot; (Dec. 28) is a perfect metaphor of how this city has been managed for the past 40 years.

The attitude seems to be that of a young child in school settling for a passing grade of andquot;Dandquot; when they could give just a little more and at the very least receive an andquot;B.andquot; There has always been potential in this community tocreate a greater tax base which will provide modernization of the community infrastructure.

I grew up in Crescent City and return at least three times a yearso that my boys can fish, crab and enjoy the river and the beach, which in my opinion is better than Pismo.

Hopefully the current leaders don't have their heads in the ...well.

Everett andquot;Butchandquot; Perry


Installing backwater valves might protect businesses

As an ex-plumbing inspector,the articles andquot; Dirty work: Businesses bail sewage after stormandquot; (Dec. 28) and andquot;Record rains fall, wastewater risesandquot; (Dec. 27) about sewer waste water backing up into buildings was interesting reading.

I wonder if some of the affected people could benefit from properly installed backwater valves. Theses arerelatively inexpensive simple devices designed specifically to prevent waste from backing up and overflowing into buildings.

The last time I looked, admittedly several years ago, the plumbing code required backwater valves under some conditions. The city building official should have information about current installation requirements.

Clif Shepard


Castor sends right message: Trust yourself to do right

I am thankful to Inez Castor this Christmas for her message that andquot;the greatest giftandquot; is trust in ourselves (andquot;Trust your decisions, intentions,andquot; Dec. 19).

A line from Robert Frost's poem that he recited at John F. Kennedy's inauguration is, andquot;Something we were withholding made us weak,/Until he found out that it was ourselves we were withholding ...andquot;

Just say andquot;Yes!andquot; to love of self instead of feeling inferior or inadequate in some way and instead of the addict's habit of crippling himself by using up, consuming, and throwing away the gift of life itself. One of the most uplifting, spiritually rewarding and important things you can do is to andquot;count your blessings.andquot; Be thankful! Gratitude, faith and hope are how to say, andquot;Yes.andquot;

Someone on a talk show asked Ted Turner the secret of his success. He said he just did what his mother told him. And he said he did what it said in the Bible. The Bible says, andquot;Faith is the substance of things hoped for.andquot; God usually meets us at our level of expectancy.

As Castor says, belief or trust in self will be andquot;the most empowering gift you've ever received.andquot;

Joan Miles

Crescent City

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