Alongside the countdowns of the year's best songs and television pundits' listings of top athletes and news events, it's not a bad idea to also think about where our community has been these past 12 months. Identifying turning points and common themes can provide insights about the issues Crescent City and Del Norte County will face in 2007.

To that end, The Daily Triplicate is spending the last couple of 2006's issues looking back at the year that was in our andquot;Year in Reviewandquot; series.

We begin today with our front-page centerpiece andquot;Newsmakers of the Year.andquot; The stories continue Saturday with three pieces: a front-page story in which we list the top 10 local news stories of the year; a special andquot;Year in Reviewandquot; section that lists the major stories of the year day-by-day; and a special Opinion page, andquot;Ten Issues to Address in 2007.andquot;

The issues in that last story, on the Opinion page, were determined by looking back at the top news stories of this past year. They're issues that during 2007 we plan to address through in-depth reporting and editorials that call for real action from local officials.

We began determining those issues - and the top newsmakers and stories of 2006 - in early November. Often names and events were crossed off the lists then put back on only to be replaced by another person or event as our discussions continued over the past few weeks.

The newsmakers list that appears in today's issue is a list of 11 local residents who stood out from the rest, perhaps in the way they handled adversity, perhaps because the fortunes of many community members rest with them, perhaps of the uniqueness of what they accomplished. The frequency with which one appears on the front page wasn't a factor, though each of the newsmakers have done so at least once. We tried to select people who might not quickly come to mind, but after reflection most would agree make a significant difference in our community. In addition, we decided not to rank the newsmakers, so they appear in the story alphabetically.

As all of us read through the andquot;Year in Reviewandquot; series, let us note what problems must be addressed in 2007. Then let us take the bold step of resolving them as the next year unfolds.