Backpackers should carry red lights to ease search

So many people are hoping for the climbers to return safely, and as I am, also saddened by the one who has lost his life (andquot;Small search teams return to Mount Hood after storm,andquot; Dec. 22).

I would like to suggest that all climbers carry in their backpacks a blinking red light that last up to a week with AA batteries in them. Perhaps such a small device could save a life.

I know that I feel a lot better that my grandson attached one onto his bicycle seat post that his afternoon bike riding is a lot safer.

Jerry Myers

Crescent City

We may be small town, but we have great arts scene

Even though we are a small community, Crescent City has everything. Those who inhabit other cites on our great coastline consider our town minuscule. And the truth is, we are. But in spite of our diminutive size, we do have everything. We have clean air. Clean water. We have space. We have unsurpassed beauty in our beaches and forestlands and wild rivers. We have less of all the bad things that happen in huge mega communities. Less is more!

We retired here 15 years ago. At first I wondered if a small town could offer any significant cultural events? Would there be good music, stage plays, art?

I discovered, early on, that we have major talent here in Crescent city. A big city can produce great cultural events, just because of its size. We are small and produce much in the arts in spite of our size. The most coveted work comes from the hands and heart of a skilled artist. We have many such people here in Crescent City.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you people who paint and do wood sculpture. And to those who perform in our theater, Lighthouse Repertory Theatre plays, and those who share their great talent by playing in the symphony orchestra, the churches and their wonderful programs of music during this season and our splendid Del Norte grammar and high school music programs. Wow!

My heart overflows with the joy of the season and for the privilege of living here in Crescent City. Thanks to all of you.

Ellen T. McKinsey

Crescent City

Baby's bed shouldn't cause such anger, resentment

Why does the creche (or manger scene) cause so much anger and resentment? I don't think it's the animals or the shepherds or even Joseph or Mary, and there are people named andquot;Jesus.andquot;

I guess no one has problems concerning angels. There's good ones and bad ones, little ones and big ones, pretty ones, beautiful ones and even ugly ones.

It seems that baby beds causes law-suits, lots of controversy and arguments, contentions that last all year, disputes in the streets, even altercations, and debates in the highest courts in the land.

It's almost unbelievable ... like if just seeing it, something terrible will happen to you.

It happened more than 2000 years ago and still causes so much trouble for some.


Norma McCanna

Crescent City

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