How does the City Council plan to bring more stores to town? What will the council do to make sure residents are safe from crime? Will the council work to bring more doctors to town?

Crescent City residents can find the answers to these questions and more today at The Daily Triplicate's forum for City Council candidates. The forum starts at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Lighthouse Inn on U.S. Highway 101.

Our city is on the cusp of change. As more people relocate here and tourists visit, we have a great opportunity to bring new businesses to our community. Ensuring we develop smartly, so as not to destroy the quality of life that attracts so many to Crescent City, is vital. Our council during the next few years will make decisions that affect how we grow and that will determine if existing businesses and current residents prosper.

The forum's format aims to give city residents an opportunity to find out who the candidates are and to hear their thoughts on these and a bevy of other issues affecting the community. We'll start with three-minute opening statements from candidates then ask each one questions on a variety of local issues. Candidates will be given a minute to answer each question. We'll wrap up with closing statements.

The Daily Triplicate solicited questions from readers, and the editors here have added some of our own. Candidates haven't been given the questions in advance though they can bet we'll ask about retail, public safety, health care, roads, tourism and more.

Daily Triplicate Publisher Michele Thomas and Editor Rob Bignell will moderate the forum. Jack Stafford, a retired Del Note High School debate coach, will keep time.

Two four-year council seats are up for election on Nov. 7. Candidates include:

? Dennis Burns An incumbent, Burns is the Castle Rock Charter School principal. He currently serves as city mayor.

? Rick Enea An incumbent, Enea is a former city police officer.

? Dottie Linville A longtime city resident, Linville is a civic activist and a downtown business owner.

? Noya Reno A secretary, Reno is a member of the Crescent City Volunteer Fire Department.

? Kelly Schellong, A sales manager, Schellong sits on the Crescent City-Del Norte Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is a local volunteer.

By attending the forum, you can help shape Crescent City's future. We hope to see you there.