If there is one thing you can count on, it's change. We've all experienced ti and we've all grown from it.

Yesterday was Mike Schmeltzer's last day as editor of The Daily Triplicate. He is moving to a larger newspaper in a larger market- a change he's excited about. Since he arrived in Del Norte County three years ago, Mike left his mark on The Daily Triplicate, making it more relevant to our readers with more local news and more in-depth coverage. He hired, trained and coached some very talented journalists and together they produced an ever-improving, award-winning newspaper. Thank you, Mike, for your dedication and hard work. We wish you and Shani the best in Hollister!

In the past two weeks I have received nearly 20 applications for the position of editor of The Daily Triplicate. They've come from all over the country: from Palm Springs to Vermont, from Seattle and Florida.

There are talented and accomplished journalists out there telling me their dream is to come here, to Crescent City, and lead our newsroom to greater heights.

As I read through cover letters and resumes, as I have many times before as a manager, I wish for a crystal ball or some sign from the universe to tell me which candidate is the right one, the perfect one who will be the best fit with the people he/she will work with at The Daily Triplicate and in the community, and the one who will share my vision for not only a better community newspaper, but a better community.

I have begun the interview process and it will continue until I am satisfied that I have found the best fit for us.

This is perhaps the most important hire I have ever had to make. The position of editor comes with the most visibility and notoriety of any position at a newspaper. I've discovered this first hand since becoming publisher. People come up to me and say andquot;Oh, so you're the new editor,andquot; and I answer, andquot;No, I'm the new publisher.andquot; The bewildered look on their faces says andquot;What does a publisher do?andquot; At the Wild Rivers Coast Foundation dinner recently, someone answered for me. He said to his colleague, andquot;You're familiar with theater? The publisher is like the producer and the editor is like the director!andquot; That made sense to him and it made sense to me.

Now this producer of our community newspaper in Del Norte County is on a quest for a director with the talent, passion, creativity and commitment to direct our newsroom and our community into the future, perhaps winning a few Oscars along the way. Stay tuned.

Michele Grgas Thomas, The Daily Triplicate