City Planner Will Caplinger's ideas for bringing the 176 acres of public lands along Crescent City's waterfront under one management umbrella has considerable merit.

On Thursday night, the city Planning Commission responded with enthusiasm to his proposal for incorporating the Shoreline RV Campground site with the Fred Endert Municipal Pool, the Cultural Center and beautiful Beachfront Park as one city-managed recreational property.

Doing so would seem to have the potential for improving public use and enjoyment of the entire area. Done right, it could also entice more tourists to spend time on Crescent City's waterfront.

But in this sort of proposal, the devil is always in the details.

The city would be wise to explore this idea with real scrutiny. Look carefully at costs as well as benefits. If the city is intent on operating some sort of RV park on the Shoreline site, be mindful of how that might affect private businesses in the community.

The city would also be wise to involve the public as much as possible in the process of making the decisions that will shape the future of our waterfront.

Gathering input on and ideas for the best use or uses of the 8-acre Shoreline site would be a good start. A public hearing should be scheduled soon.

Nature blessed Crescent City with a spectacular setting. We can do more to take advantage of that setting, both to make this a nicer place for all of us to live and to draw the tourists who will feed our economy.

It's time to get serious about finding ways to improve the Shoreline property and to incorporate those improvements into the betterment of Crescent City's entire waterfront district.

The Daily Triplicate