Del Norte County voters have a clear choice in the race for Superior Court judge.

They can choose an incumbent who has proven himself to be a thorough, well-prepared jurist who follows the letter of the law or a challenger who promises to offer situational justice.

Judge William Follett, who is finishing his first six-year term on the Superior Court bench, gets our endorsement and not just because his opponent, Crescent City attorney Leroy Davies, has demonstrated a general disregard for constitutional law, been sanctioned twice within the past year for his behavior as an attorney and stated that he would look for ways to stretch and massage the law in order to obtain a desired result (although we regard any of these as good reason to eliminate Davies from serious consideration as a candidate for judge).

The reason we're backing Follett is that we believe he has an excellent grasp of the law and that he has honored the trust placed in him by the people of this community by performing a very difficult job very well.

Follett is one of only two Del Norte County judges. Between them, the two handle a case load that, according to California state court workload standards, ought to be spread out over three judges. Perhaps one day we'll get that additional judge. But meanwhile we are fortunate to have Follett, who routinely works six days a week to research his cases so that he is fully prepared when he takes the bench in court.

In court, Follett has shown special concern for victims, aggressively enforcing restitution orders to make sure that those who are responsible for harm to others indeed make good as ordered.

He has demonstrated judicial concern for domestic violence, one of our community's ugliest crime problems, by creating a domestic violence calendar in his court and by forming the local domestic violence task force, which includes representatives of the county victim witness and probation offices, the police and sheriff's departments and court social workers, among


In all matters, Follett listens to the facts and applies the law based on evidence presented. He has proven his ability to serve the interests of justice in Del Norte County.

The Daily Triplicate