Tuesday's primary election ballot offers two highly regarded, well-qualified candidates for the District 3 seat on the Board of Supervisors.

In our view, either Clarke Moore, a former county supervisor and present member of the Del Norte Healthcare District board, or Mike Sullivan, a local investment broker and business community leader, could handle the job.

But we're giving our endorsement to Sullivan because we think he offers more of what Del Norte really needs as we wrestle with today's problems and try to build a prosperous, progressive future for our community.

We like Sullivan's ability to identify problems and come up with workable solutions. We like his dogged determination to clear the hurdles that inevitably present themselves when working to get things done. And we think he's done an exceptional job opening lines of communication with lawmakers and state officials in Sacramento something at which he could be even more effective as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

Sullivan deserves a great deal of the credit for launching a successful local student apprenticeship program that has helped kids gain experience in the work world and learn job skills that will serve them for years to come.

This program a partnership between the Del Norte School District and the Crescent City-Del Norte Chamber of Commerce, of which Sullivan is a two-time president grew out of Sullivan's concern than local students weren't being adequately exposed to vocational training programs in Del Norte schools and that those not headed to college were graduating from high school lacking basic skills needed to get their start in the work world.

When problems arose over how workers compensation insurance payments would be made for those enrolled in the program, Sullivan, enlisting help from state Sen. Sam Aanestad's office, came up with a workable solution that put the program back on track. Since then, a program that began with just 15 students has grown to serve 40.

As chamber president, Sullivan also launched a series of community advocacy trips to Sacramento that helped Del Norte build better working relationships with legislators and top state agency officials. That's at least part of the reason Crescent City and Del Norte County got a $2.2 million slice of the state bond pie this spring.

Sullivan has proven himself to be a proactive, solution-oriented community leader. Those qualities would serve Del Norte County well.

The Daily Triplicate