Reports misconduct claims to Del Norte Grand Jury

Regarding andquot;Would you run this letter?andquot; (Feb. 15), a better solution to pursuing an anonymous claim of misconduct on the part of local officials would be to inform your readers that the Del Norte County Grand Jury investigates these types of claims regularly. We do not investigate anonymous claims, but you could let people know that if they fill out a andquot;Citizen Complaint Formandquot; with their name, address and telephone number, we are required to protect their identity.We ask for their contact information so that we may ask questions to better understand their complaint.

The Grand Jury has the authority to investigate city and county entities but not state entities such as the Superior Court.

Citizen Complaint Forms may be obtained from the clerk's window at the courthouse or by writing to the Grand Jury at Del Norte County Grand Jury, 450 H Street, Room 209, Crescent City, Calif., 95531.

Jennifer Adcock


Del Norte County Grand Jury

Crescent City

Seniors should have started Feb. 9 boys basketball game

Throughout history, Del Norte High School has carried many traditions: From its flaming andquot;Wandquot; to crowning Homecoming King/Queen to honoring senior athletes on Senior Night. The Warriors have maintained and enjoyed these traditions until now.

The night of Feb. 9 was supposed to be a special night. It was supposed to be the night the senior athletes were honored for their dedication and hard work as Del Norte athletes, honored by their hometown, by their teammates and by their coach. It was to be one last night to cheer, one last night to perform a halftime show, and one last night to play basketball in front of the home crowd as a Del Norte High Warrior. It was Senior Night.

Personally, having been a Del Norte athlete myself, I have never seen nor heard of a Senior Night where the seniors did not start the game. Yes, they may be taken out of the game after 30 seconds or so, but nonetheless, they are honored and respected for their hard work in those thirty seconds. This year's Senior Night broke tradition. Two seniors started the game, two more seniors managed to step foot on the court and the other two seniors became the only two teammates to watch the entire game from the bench, breaking Del Norte tradition. Granted there are six seniors and only five men that can play at once, making it impossible to start all of the seniors.However, this was not even attempted.

A little recognition at another point in the game, on the coach's behalf, would have at least given these boys some of the honor and respect that they deserve in front of their families, peers and fans. These athletes have worked hard, respected, and honored their coach, and they cannot even buy thirty seconds on their Senior Night.

Jennifer Evans

Central Point, Ore.