School board members should focus on schools

I was wondering why two school board members, Bill Maffett and Bob Berkowitz, are so worried about the library (andquot;Library: We're not closing, moving,andquot; Feb. 20). Maybe they should worry more about lice, working to get the teachers the raise they deserve and addressing the problems at Joe Hamilton Elementary? After all, that is their job.

Kenneth Turkle

Crescent City

Attendance, safety show swimming pool worth saving

I was unable to attend the Save Our Pool meeting last week, but I know and have talked to several people who were in attendance. I don't believe there was any mean-spiritedness on the part of that group (andquot;Save Our Pool fundraiser still competing with school,andquot; Feb. 13). We all have the same goal of keeping the pool open. The only way we can accomplish that is to work together.

I asked the pool manager if it was true that attendance has andquot;drasticallyandquot; decreased in the last few years. He has copies of attendance records at the pool, and they show that attendance has actually increased in the last several years.

I have lost 90 pounds. That journey of weight loss began at the swimming pool. I do many types of exercise now but still workout in the pool. Our pool has changed the lives of many people over the years. Through exercise programs that improve health, programs that improve mobility (many people say the only reason they can still walk is because of the pool), and most importantly, the swimming lesson program. Stop by the pool sometime and ask the direcor to share some of the stories he has been told of kids saving friends or family because of the safety skills they learned at the pool.

Please help us keep the pool operating.

Jane Perlman

Crescent City

Men spent on Iraq could have been better spent here

Our government thinks money grows on trees and not from the sweat of hard working people. This is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Did they ever ask if we wanted them to spend half a trillion dollars on this war in Iraq? No.

Did they learn anything from the Korean or Vietnam wars? Aren't we repeating the same mistakes? What did our boys die for in them? How many billions did we spend for what? What is our governments record of wins on the wars on poverty and drugs? How many families have been disintegrated by them? What about the billions of waste and fraud in our government right now?

They want us to trust them with half a trillion dollars; what a joke! We the people have so many needs right now that our representatives are not meeting - schools, hospitals, crime, poverty, roads, police, etc. So many needs and no money or very little for them ...What would half a trillion dollars do them?

Fred Wagner

Crescent City