Will continue to do what is necessary for DNTA members

It is the role of a union leader to gain and focus attention. Said attention must be focused by union members and gained by those who employed them.

At the Feb. 8, School Board Meeting, I was gaveled andquot;out of orderandquot; by School Board President, Faith Crist. Our labor action was a response to the District's stubborn refusal to meet our salary demands for 2006-07. This civil disobedience took approximately thirty seconds. And during those short moments, 120 teachers turned their backs on the School Board and District Administration and exited.

Contrary to what the board believes, emails, phone calls, and reactions in public are running 10 to 1 in favor of my behavior. One teacher stopped me in a grocery store and told me I was a hero at her school. Imagine that, me, a hero. Not! But I appreciated the comment.

Ironically, another teacher told me a story about Mrs. Crist when she was DNTA President. Yes, the current School Board President used to have my job. The teacher remembers a board meeting when Faith stood at the back of the room yelling and pointing her finger at school board members. Was this rude and disruptive behavior from a single individual? Or was it appropriate and forceful leadership?

I will continue to do what is necessary to gain well-deserved and much-needed salary compensation for DNTA members. I will do so with as much decorum as I can muster and within the bounds of all legal means. Former Del Norte Teachers Association President Faith Crist, in her time, did no less.

Mike Mealue

Current Del Norte Teachers

Association President


Kudos to new members of library's volunteer team

I have been doing the winter volunteer shift (Nov.-April) at the Del Norte County Library for the past two years. I just want to say andquot;Kudosandquot; to all the new educated, alturistic, inspiring and enthusiastic volunteers who have recently joined the library volunteer team. Today's Library volunteers look forward to enhancing your library experience. These volunteers are dedicated to bringing about a positive library mileu for you.

Firstly; the volunteers and library staff want to assist you in reaching your library objective. Also, we want to assist you in getting a library card, learning the computer catalog for books, and teach you internet surfing basics.

Secondly; we have literacy tutors who want to assist you in your 100% effort to improve your life. We can assist you with learning to read a book, basic life skills courses, and Pre-G.E.D courses. Also, we want to assist those whose quest it is to further their G.E.D., A.A. or B.A degrees.

Thirdly; we believe it is time for Del Norte County to wipe-out the (IL) in illiteracy, thereby allowing Del Norte county to evolve into a county that promotes a literacy environment. Only through education can we evolve into a productive influential county. (D.N. Co.) Library and literacy programs are helping us change to a new and more productive people of Del Norte County.

Lastly; I want to give a special andquot;Kudosandquot; to Kelly Nolan and the literacy staff, library staff and Americore staff for doing an excellent job during the changes happening at the library.

I hope that the next time the people of (D.N. Co.) have a chance to andquot;voteandquot; to improve our library accessibility they will make a literate decision. If you want to be part of the solution, you can help by becoming a literacy tutor or a learner.

In conclusion; please be patient and remember we as volunteers are here to enhance your library experience.

Thank you from a proud library volunteer and literacy tutor volunteer.

Greg A. Holmes

Crescent City


Continue to enlighten us about sexual violence

A common, oversimplified myth was used in last Friday's sex offender article. It said, andquot;Many sex offenders were once victims of their own crimes and that caused them to assault others.andquot;

While it is true that some sex offenders were victimized as children, their percentage in the general population of sex offenders is actually low. Research has shown that being sexually abused as a child, in itself, is not enough for one to grow up and become a child molester.

Research has shown that there is no single factor that can explain why people choose to sexually abuse children. Researchers do agree that there are many complex factors that lead to this deviant sexual pathology. To imply that prior victimization is the sole cause is very offensive and potentially damaging to many people who were victims of child sexual abuse.

I do hope that The Daily Triplicate will continue to try to enlighten our community on sexual violence and the people who perpetrate it. I hope that whoever is reporting will keep in mind that many books have been written on the subject of sexual predators. To try to sum up a cause for their perpetration on children in a generalized, single theory one-liner is irresponsible and damaging. This andquot;theoryandquot; has kept many adults, especially men, from disclosing past abuse for fear of being labeled as a potential sexual predator.

Sadly, it has also kept some young teenagers from disclosing abuse when they needed help.

Susan Steele

Crescent City