Being victim of sexual abuse does not create pedophiles

A common, oversimplified myth was used in andquot;101 sexual predators in Del Norte, Feb. 16). It said, andquot;Many sex offenders were once victims of their own crimes and that caused them to assault others.andquot; andquot;Causedandquot; is the key word.

While it is true that some sex offenders were victimized as children, their percentage in the general population of sex offenders is actually low. Research has shown that being sexually abused as a child, in itself, is not enough for one to grow up and become a child molester. Research has shown that there is no single factor that can explain why people choose to sexually abuse children. Researchers do agree that there are many complex factors that lead to this deviant sexual pathology. To imply that prior victimization is the sole cause is very offensive and potentially damaging to many people who were victims of child sexual abuse.

I do hope that The Daily Triplicate will continue to try to enlighten our community on sexual violence and the people who perpetrate it. I hope that whoever is reporting will keep in mind that many books have been written on the subject of sexual predators. To try to sum up a cause for their perpetration on children in a generalized, single theory one-liner is irresponsible and damaging. This andquot;theoryandquot; has kept many adults, especially men, from disclosing past abuse for fear of being labeled as a potential sexual predator. Sadly, it has also kept some young teenagers from disclosing abuse when they needed help.

Susan Steele

Crescent City


We've overstayed welcome

in Iraq, now must come home

Bush and Co. had no idea what they were getting into when they declared this war of choice and invaded Iraq. In far over his head, our president is now in self-preservation mode, and doesn't his desperation show it? He is, tragically for our troops, fumbling for any means that will enable him to declare victory before he leaves office.

When will the realization set in that Iraq does not have a military solution and that our armed forces are in the center of a civil battle in which the combatants prefer death to its alternative? What does Mr. Bush expect our servicemen and women to accomplish in this chaotic landscape? He only seems capable of offering more of exactly that which is not working American lives are ruined, and they are lost each day this failed misadventure is permitted to continue.

We have overstayed in Iraq, and our troops need to be redeployed from the harms way in which they have been placed by this president. Please write your congressperson and demand that our military women and men be removed from Iraq and situated in more appropriate locations or returned to the United States. Iraq will be violent for the indefinite future and no amount of American sacrifice is going to alter this reality. What a tragedy.

J. Haley

Crescent City