Empty hotel rooms proves length of stay limits wrong

andquot;Six in 10 city hotel rooms empty,andquot; (March 3) was a andquot;wake up callandquot; for this county.

The reason for the empty rooms was printed in an article not too long ago that spoke about City Council members wanting to put a moratorium on the length of time people could stay in RV parks and/or hotels. I thought the idea was ridiculous considering many of those people in RV parks and/or hotels are there waiting for their HUD voucher to come through or are on fixed incomes (as is the case in RV parks) and, obviously, can go nowhere else.

But the hotel article shows another angle to why such a moratorium would be detrimental: the lack of income for hotel and RV park owners and staff.

Too bad there is no real way to force city officials to utilize logic and compassion in their decisions.

Teri Markanson

Crescent City