Today, high school student Josh Lacy would have celebrated his 16th birthday, if a driver only had stopped to help after striking him during the cold morning hours of Jan. 12. The senseless loss of life still saddens this community, and that driver's irresponsibility still angers us. Let us all pause for a moment today to remember Josh and to pray that law enforcement are able to find the driver who committed this horrendous affront to our community.

It there was ever a time to talk with our children, grandkids or students about personal responsibility, it is today. Morality is learned and character built through the words and actions of those a child looks up to. A responsible driver would have stopped, and if that had happened, Josh very likely well be here today.

In Josh's memory, spend a few moments today teaching children about responsibility. It may very well prevent another family from unnecessarily suffering as the Lacy's have during these past few weeks.


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