Given that the First Congressional District includes part of the Sacramento metro area and Napa, there's really very little practical reason for Rep. Mike Thompson to visit Del Norte County. The populations of Davis, Napa and the greater Eureka metro area, all in his district, each have twice as many residents as our far northern county.

But we credit Thompson for spending a day in Crescent City this past weekend. It's his second such visit since October.

On Saturday, he spoke at and handed out two congressional certificates of appreciation during the celebration for the Tri-Agency Joint Powers Authority and the Council of Economic Advisors, next served spaghetti at a fairgrounds dinner and then attended the Aleutian Goose Festival gala. The events afforded a great opportunity for local residents to speak with Thompson about a variety of issues.

And judging by the the tri-agency and economic advisors celebration conversations, which ranged from federal aid to schools and Iraq to the local airport and off-road vehicle regulations, a variety of issues dear to county residents' hearts were discussed.

We hope Thompson returns even more frequently during the months ahead. He'll find Del Norters gracious yet also straight shooters when discussing issues. All most of us want to do is earn an honest living, ensure our children have opportunity and to be treated fairly. And while those same desires may be just what Davis, Napa and Eureka residents want, he'll find that our needs for fulfilling those simple wishes are a bit different than in those communities.