Sheriff's Office should have called family, daughter says

I am compelled to write a letter after my sister, Geni Pillow, received a letter from the Del Norte County Grand Jury. I am the oldest daughter of Gene Pillow, who was missing from his home on Parkway Drive for eight months. The form letter informed us andquot;The next of kin of a family cannot be notified until there is positive identification of a body.andquot; We were notified by a neighbor of our father, who had read in the Feb. 13 Triplicate that they may have found my father's remains on Feb. 10.

We had formed a relationship with the police, deputies and search and rescue over the eight months he had been missing, with my sister talking to them daily for a long period of time and then weekly. Any compassionate person who has parents, children or loved ones would have known the pain we, as daughters, were going through knowing our father was out there missing. He might be dead, living in some homeless shelter or in a mental institution. Why not one person from the many who had gotten to know us and our story would have called us, to have a heads up about the remains found in the field right next to my dad's property, is beyond me. If I was a citizen of Del Norte County, I would be ashamed of my local police and rescue team.

Sure, we have rules and laws, but I expect compassion and concern for our fellow human beings and would want to treat the family members of Gene Pillow, a lonely citizen with dementia, who paid his taxes and lived in the community for close to 30 years, with plain old common courtesy and make a simple phone call to tell us of the findings.

I have been a registered nurse for 37 years, and I am aware of rules and laws. Yet, if I had to put aside my duty to be a compassionate and concerned advocate for my patients, I would have left the profession many years ago. That is what the police and search and rescue in Del Norte County need hear from us citizens. We are expected to treat our clients like we would have liked to be treated. I would ask any one of those people if they would have liked to be informed about the possible death of your family member by a call from a neighbor who read it in the newspaper. I would hope citizens would hold their trusted servants accountable for this.

Valeta Kieny


Hit-and-run driver deserves justice for leaving Josh Lacy

Regarding andquot;Our View: Today, Josh would have turned 16andquot; (March 29), I check the online Triplicate almost every day, hoping to see blaring headlines that the driver of the car that struck this young man has been identified and apprehended. It's hard to imagine such a callous and cowardly act visited upon another human being. Although I don't know the Lacy family, my thoughts and prayers are with them, and I hope they, and Josh, receive the justice they deserve from this heartbreaking tragedy.

Jim Peterson

Redmond, Wash.