Stop spread of immorality

by stopping proposed skits

I want to give public thanks to Faith Crist and Bill Parker for their comments on reviewing the Planned Parenthood andquot;healthandquot; skit (andquot;Board slams health skit,andquot; March 21). It takes courage to stand up in this little town and call a spade a spade.

The damage Planned Parenthood has already done to this generation of young people across the United States is incalculable. With a purported purpose of andquot;protectingandquot; our children, they have caused a rise in immoral behavior beyond belief.

If the script for this theatrical presentation can be seen as andquot;grossandquot; and at the top of the scale for andquot;badandquot; by two highly respected members of the school board just reading it, then we can only imagine what a troupe of enthusiastic teens will present in the classroom setting where control for actions will only be after the fact. Knowing every single possible sexual act only contaminates the impressionable youth and leaves no room for the beauty of true sexuality within the bounds of licit love. It leaves no room for respect for oneself or others, or for building of self-control in the tumultuous years of raging hormones.

I hope the rest of the school board is as appalled by this skit as those who have had the courage to speak out and will vote accordingly at the Thursday meeting. If we don't stop the onslaught of Planned Parenthood on our own doorsteps, they will not be stopped on a larger scale.

May God continue to bless this great nation, the United States of America, in spite of its weaknesses and failings, for its strength still lies in the hearts and actions of its good people who are willing to stand up and be counted.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City

An offer of cypress seedlings for Battery Point Lighthouse

There is no doubt that the Monterey Cypress trees at Battery Point are part of Crescent City's identity and history and that they should be protected (andquot;Our View: Long live lighthouse's cypresses,andquot; March 23). I am not an arborist, but I have gardened for years and think that the chances of survival, especially against the wind, for any replacement trees, would be better if they could establish roots as seedlings.

I am sad to read that they have such a short life. I have a row of them alongside my property line. According to history, they were planted in the late 1800s by the owner of a cooperage who wanted them for protection against the winds off the ocean.

Along with the wind protection, they provide seedlings on my property that I am slow to remove saying, andquot;I'll use them at Christmas, some day.andquot; I would be happy if they could go live at the lighthouse.

Marlene White

Crescent City