There were no takers on last week's andquot;You be the Editorandquot; dilemma.

You may recall that earlier this year, I offered readers a

challenge: You be the

editor. Each Thursday, this column would present an ethical or policy decision about news coverage that an editor might have to make. Readers are invited to share how they would handle the dilemma.

So, here is last week's dilemma, in hopes that everyone just got a little busy over the Easter weekend.

A young African-American couple, new to our community, wake up one night and find a cross burning in their front yard. The police investigate but the family persuades investigators not to release their name and address. They do this because they don't want others to know where they live. One of your reporters comes up with the couple's name and address.

Do you:

A) Identify the couple and give their street address, keeping in mind other residents in the

neighborhood may want or need to know so they can protect themselves.

B) Be sensitive to the couple's fears and withhold their identification and address.

Let's hear your answers. E-mail them to Write andquot;You be the Editorandquot; in the subject line. Please note that time limitations prevent me from taking phone calls to discuss the case study.

I'll print some of the responses next Thursday.

If there are none, we'll move on to another dilemma.

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