Remax shouldn't have to remove beautiful mural

Generally, I try to hold my tongue when I don't know all of the facts involved, but something has recently come to my attention and it bothered me too much to keep quiet. This town has had some prettyridiculous battles in the past, but this one takes the cake: Remax Coastal Redwoods has been told to remove the beautiful mural it recently had painted to welcome them into town.

This simple act brought some much needed light into a much forgotten, and to be blunt, bad area of town. Before they moved in, that abandoned corner was a hangout for druggies, drunks and other forms of the lowest end of the social ladder. Now, I smile when I drive past knowing that someone has taken a step toward doing something to enhance this town. It's my feeling, and that of many around me, that if we all took one step in this direction we could move a long distance in improving the state of this city.

There is no doubt in my mind that the reasons that the mural must be removed are paltry when compared to the good that it has done. Maybe some rules were broken, maybe someone just has a bad attitude, but maybe more people should be breaking rules when the outcomes make this much of an impact.

Sabrina Norton

Crescent City

How about picking up trash near Elk Valley Cross Road?

Every day while I commute to work in Brookings, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to live in such beautiful surroundings. I enjoy the tree covered hills, the horses and animals, the grazing elk, the variety of birds and our incredible rocky coastline. Heading south on U.S. Hwy. 101, I also notice something else: Once I pass Elk Valley Cross Road, I notice trash on both sides and in the center median of the highway, and it gets worse as I near Washington Boulevard. Surely I can't be the only person who notices this mess.

On page A8 of April 11's paper, there was a small article, andquot;Parks honor assistance to Adopt-A-Highway.andquot;The article references a Caltrans press release that says, andquot;The employees 'have done an excellent job' of cleaning the northern entrance to Crescent City.andquot; The article does not mention the date of this press release.

It would be great to suggest a group clean-up of this eyesore, but with cars driving at 65 mph, it would be too dangerous. For a town that would love to court tourist dollars, how can we expect people to want to visit a place that doesn't respect itself enough to clean up this mess?

I mention this now hoping that someone can do something about it before the Memorial Day weekend, or at least by the Fourth of July holiday, when many tourists will be passing through, deciding whether to stop here or to keep on going.

Jennifer Adcock

Crescent City