Kolodner served community well; his efforts will be missed

Over the past six plus years former Mayor and City Councilman Herb Kolodner has been a great servant for our Crescent City community (andquot;Council to appoint member,andquot; April 17). He has served us well with his leadership, experience and wisdom. Now we will miss his thoughtful, gentlemanly service and leadership as a dedicated andquot;City Father.andquot; Thank you Herb and his wife Julie for their commitment and service to our city. We hope they enjoy their days of retirement, and we wish him well for his health.

Charles and Patricia Slert

Crescent City

Tarnished 'science' usedin abortion-child abuse link

Regarding Terri Brunner's March 30 letter (): There is no link between abortion and child abuse. Brunner cites a andquot;studyandquot; that claims that the incidents of child abuse have increased since abortion became legal. She does not provide a link between these two facts. The author, Theresa Burke, is hardly a disinterested party as she is a member of Priests for Life and several other anti-choice groups.

What could legal abortion and illegal child abuse have in common? Both laws were passed federally in the mid-1970s.

Of course, there has been a significant increase in reports of child abuse; education and funding for the subject has increased exponentially. In California alone, the number of mandated reporters has increased from only medical doctors to more than 30 categories. As society becomes more aware of these issues, we work harder to stop the abuse of children.

Abuse is not caused by abortion. There is no increased likelihood of a person receiving an abortion and then abusing a child. Post-abortion trauma syndrome is not recognized by the American Psychological Association. It is a syndrome invented by anti-choice groups to try to force women to carry out unwanted pregnancies. Studies have shown that the depression rate for women who have received abortions is the same as the national average for all women. (See Brenda Major's study). The APA developed a panel that issued a report on abortion in 1990 that stated, andquot;The weight of the evidence indicatesandquot; that a first-trimester abortion of an unwanted pregnancy andquot;does not pose a psychological hazard for most women.andquot;

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. To honor this month, we should look at the real contributing factors that cause child abuse.

Britney Cain

Crescent City