Let's improve South Beach to attract locals and tourists

Based on the fact Crescent City relies heavily on a good turnover in tourism to stay afloat each year, maybe we should be looking at improving the areas that make our county someone's vacation destination.

One of these areas would be South Beach. This stretch of beach is visited by travelers from the north and the south, stopping to surf, play, barbecue and more. Unfortunately for the thousands of visitors and locals, there is not one single restroom available. There's nowhere to rinse off the seawater or put the garbage. In turn, it can make a day at the beach pretty andquot;crappy,andquot; if you know what I mean.

Overnight camping for RVs? Well, this has pretty much become extinct. Why? Maybe the county and the parks are not into generating money, or maybe they just have not found a desirable place for beach camping. I would suggest Pacific Shores. Is this area so taboo that a campground could not be ideal? An OHV campground perhaps? The county looses thousands of dollars each month when the handful of OHV users leave our community and head north for good clean family fun.

Let's face it, Crescent City has two major attractions - the redwoods and our beaches - and if locals and tourist are being shutout of every place they want to explore, they will without a doubt spend money somewhere else. So let's put the effort into what people want to do and what will keep them coming back every year, as well as providing open areas to keep locals spending the money where they live.

Mike Amos

Crescent City

Don't end private festivities on beachfront near harbor

I recently heard that the beach parties, family fireworks and barbecues may not be allowed on the beach from Elk Creek to the harbor this Fourth of July.


Who is this curtailing of festivities intended to please? The tourists at the city-owned campground? Would the joy, fun and appropriate holiday noise somehow offend them and shoo them away?

Are we citizens of Del Norte County living here to please ourselves or tourists? Fourth of July is the most fun event of the year in Crescent City. This is part of the town's history of which we are proud. Our celebration of the holiday draws people from out of the mountains, from Siskiyou County, Curry and Humboldt counties. People from all over the region enjoy themselves with us on that beach.

Now are we may have to tone everything down because being staid and boring will somehow make more money for our community?

Get real.

I urge everyone who has ever lit a sparkler, cooked a hot dog or watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July on the beach by the harbor to raise a stink over any decision that affects the pure fun that is traditionally enjoyed there.

Virginia Streitberger

Crescent City

Troop support staff appreciate help from volunteers, groups

Those of us involved in the Troop Support project wish to thank everyone in the community and elsewhere who has contributed time, effort and funds to keep our project going these last three and a half years. I always feel we are the parents and grandparents who did the PTA benefits from years ago; now the interest is still with our kids grown into adults committed to our military staffs.

The years have brought us countless words of gratitude for our boxes reaching Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany, bringing a touch of favorite goodies from home and words of comfort and praise. Many are the workers who keep this project going and many organizations like Rotary, Soroptimists, Four Square Pre-School, Pine Grove School, St. Joseph's School, Crescent City Womens Club, Republican Womens Club, and Sunrise Garden Club.

Two faithful Marines from the Vietnam War, Fred Cox and Bill Stamps, Jr., came through again at Christmas. At Christmas, we sent almost 600 pounds in just Christmas stockings.

Our Triplicate did a wonderful report on it.

We always remember the wounded sailors and marines at Camp Pendelton, whose commanding officer sends a lovely letter each time.

Our new year shipping shows 588 pounds from January to March. We need to do a spring drive and send McDonalds gift certificates to Camp Pendelton to our vets with a long recovery time. We also need gift certificates from Wal-Mart to purchase personal items for the vets now doing therapy. Many of them are from out of state and can use extra help from us here. In fact, we could use letters, too.

Any ideas for a Troop Support participation in our Fourth of July July parade with Scouts, Harleys, vintage cars, etc. The Red Shirts in Brookings, a new group like ours, is showing their stuff in the Azalea Parade.

Call us if you can help in anyway: 464-9146.

Jan Martin and Troop Support staff

Crescent City