Let's all do more to achieve zero waste in Del Norte County

As a green, I believe we as community residents could do more to divert solid waste from our transfer station. I am aware of something that few people in Del Norte County know. We are not meeting California Assembly Bill 939.

Few people know that California Senate Bill 1340 allows the California Integrated Waste Broad to impose civil penalties up to $10,000 per day if the goal of 50 percent reduction is not met soon.

As a resident of Crescent City, I try to do my part. Each week, I set out my little box full of old newspaper and recyclables on the curb so the garbage man can pick them up. I compost my green waste to make compost for my yard. But, it is everyone's responsibility to be conscientious.

If we would all think greener, the earth would be a better place. It is uncomfortable at first because we have to think about how we buy things. Here are two good examples: The next time you go shopping for groceries, look at the unit price of a box or a sack of rice. It the past, I would buy the box of rice and throw the cardboard in the trash. No more. By composting, I am making something I can use in my own yard.

We need to be asking the members of our Solid Waste Authority that they start thinking about making everyone here in Del Norte County put all their garbage out on the curbside, which would be more convenient for everyone. There would be less trash found in our woods and on the lots around town.

Also, we need to demand that our elected officers move ahead with phase two of the transfer station. Less talk and more action would be welcome. Then maybe the state would not come down on us as hard as they could if they know we were doing something to meet our zero waste plan.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City

Family thanks community

for helping them after fire

We are really thankful to the Fort Dick and Smith River fire departments for their quick response to fires on Easter Sunday. We appreciate that a Fort Dick church, Wal-Mart friends and others offered their love, telephone calls, gifts of money, clothing, toys and food. By Tuesday after the Sunday fire, the family had a complete change of clothes and shoes. Thank you to Red Cross, the Community Action Network, St. Vin-cent, social services and WIC. Our family is deeply grateful to all in the community for their help. Please continue to pray for us.

Julie, Michelle, Silas, Ricky, Barbara and Crystal McDonald

Crescent City