Guns on campus could have prevented Va. Tech tragedy

While we all sympathize with the victims, and families and friends of the victims, of the terrible crime at Virginia Tech, the fact remains that Gun Free Zones are Victim Rich Zones. The university's policy forbade faculty and staff from exercising their Second Amendment rights, even though virtually all students and faculty at the school are mature enough to go - and some no doubt have already gone - to Iraq or Afghanistan and fight terrorists and insurgents with fully automatic M-16s and M-4s.

Last year, legislation was introduced in the Virginia Legislature to overturn Virginia Tech's decision not to allow faculty or students with concealed carry permits to carry on campus. When that legislation died in committee because the university's administration vociferously objected to it. Virginia Tech issued a statement that their students and faculty would feel safer knowing that fellow faculty and students were not carrying guns. Pure insanity!

Given the delay in law enforcement's arrival on the scene (due to decisions of the university's administration?), the incident most likely would have turned out differently, or maybe not have happened at all, if students and faculty had been allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Criminals just love unarmed victims. Good grief, even a student with a hunting rifle in his pickup could have brought the situation under control. The assailant apparently was only armed with pistols, and in a confrontation against handguns, rifles win hands down, even when the pistol shooter is wearing an andquot;armoredandquot; vest.

If we are willing to give up our freedoms and responsibility for the sake of andquot;safetyandquot; and andquot;security,andquot; we will end up with neither. This is happening in America today, unfortunately frequently without our consent, at the behest of unelected bureaucrats as well as elected officials. All of this was demonstrated tragically in Virginia last week.

Mario de Solenni

Crescent City

Stop lights welcome addition to Mary Peacock intersection

Several days ago when taking my daughter to school, I noticed stop lights were installed on Washington Boulevard at the intersection of the high school and Mary Peacock Elementary.

As far as I am concerned, that's been long overdue. I remember a few years ago a serious accident involving a young lady that happened at that very intersection.

It's no secret that traffic flows in and out of that area rapidly. People are in a hurry trying to drop off kids and get to work. The way the intersection is set up, if you're in the crosswalk coming from the high school side, you can't even see the traffic on the Mary Peacock side of the road.

Whoever is responsible for getting those stoplights there, I applaud you.

Now, if we can get some lights at the end of town by Pine Grove where those other accidents have happened, we'll be doing real well.

I'm sure I speak on behalf of other concerned parents in this town by saying thank you to those responsible for the stop lights.

Soon, we will all be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Mark Achziger

Crescent City