Local blight problem needs

to be addressed with fines

When a Triplicate columnists starts waxing philosophically about her decaying garden shed (andquot;To mow or not to mow,andquot; March 27), and we have to haul in outside andquot;consultantsandquot; to explain what's wrong with our county, it becomes obvious that we have a huge disconnect between the politicians and the other members of our community. Let's face it, we have the most gorgeous scenery in the state and we let it be despoiled by one of the trashiest looking communities in the country.

This has huge impacts on our economy and the aesthetics of the area. People simply won't visit a junk yard for vacation.

The solution is simple: Our local politicians must quickly pass ordinances which seriously fine property owners for anything that a normal person would consider ugly. Something in the line of $50/day for private property and $500/day for commercial property should get their attention. The fines would handily pay for the new officers required to enforce these codes and the fines would apply to anyone who refuses to remove or mitigate their own blight.

If you are personally confused, consider ...

?If you have a junk car or two (or more) in your front yard

?If you have two-foot high weeds in your yard.

?If you're running your own unfenced andquot;junk yardandquot;

?If you have anything permanently covered in blue tarp

?If the color of your house or business is andquot;rustandquot;

?If the color of your house or business is andquot;noneandquot;

?If you're the California Highway Patrol and part of your office is a nasty, rusty, mildewed trailer

?If you're the National Park Service and your brown arrowheads have faded to grey

?If you own anything in the county which has been boarded up for more than a year or two

?If you're a contractor and your andquot;shopandquot; is a derelict trailer

?If you own a vacant lot which is covered in noxious and invasive weeds

?If you're any agency and also own the same weeds

... then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Thomas Payne


School board made right call on proposed sex ed skits

My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Del Norte County School Board for its recent decision to disallow the presentation of sexually lewd and lascivious skits to the school children of Del Norte County (andquot;,andquot; April 13). It is refreshing to have our elected leaders adhere to long established and proven values instead of catering to the radical agenda-driven politics of political correctness.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City

Why aren't public restrooms open for public use in city?

What is going on with the public restrooms at the end of Ninth Street, Battery Point Lighthouse and Enderts Beach? They are always locked. Please tell me the sense in having public (tax-paying dollars) restrooms if you can't use them.

Misty Lemonyon

Crescent City