Indict vice president for use of depleted uranium in Iraq

Dick Cheney should be indicted (andquot;Senate subpoenas Gonzales for Rove e-mail,andquot; May 3) for his role in the use of depleted uranium, which caused the deaths of U.S. service personnel, and for his possible involvement in the new corrupt voting act - electronic voting machines.

Walter Morse

Crescent City

Thank you for returning

lost wallet and all its contents

I want to thank the person who found my wallet outside of the Coast True Value Store and took it in the store to have it returned.

You are an honest person for not taking anything in the wallet.

I don't know who you are, but thank you very much.

Don Nuss

Crescent City

Refusal to show sex ed skits amounts to values pushing

The proposed sex ed skits have now gone from andquot;grossandquot; to andquot;lewd and lasciviousandquot; according to a recent letter writer (andquot;School board says 'no' to sex skits,andquot; April 13). One has to wonder if thisandquot;valuesandquot; dictator - or the letter writer who launched an unwarranted attack on Planned Parenthood or the andquot;grossandquot; board member - have actually seen these performances. Lewd and lascivious conduct is a crime, so the writer should have instantly called the police.

What's happened here, of course, is that we have had a small, vocal, minority dictate your children's education to align with their andquot;values,andquot; as in religious beliefs. Like it or not, the head in the sand, abstinence-only education faction has trumped our kids' rights to hear from all perspectives.

Nobody is knocking abstinence, however, throughout the history of man, it's never really worked out. So next time you learn of a pregnant teen or one with a andquot;grossandquot;(or deadly) STD, remember who to thank for their ignorance. Support Planned Parent hood and thank them for all the STDs and unwanted pregnanciesthey've helped prevent. In the meantime, want to hear gross? Check outthe kids'andquot;music.andquot; Lewd and lavacious? Look at the videos that go with them.

Roy Wielsma

Crescent City