Give ambulances to fire dept., get electric buses to save

The county and board of supervisors have never entertained the fact that we could use electric vehicles for our transportation services and ambulance service (andquot;City, county, school: Cut emissions,andquot; May 19). If these services are costing so much, I give two alternatives.

For the ambulance, let's act like most cities and let the fire departments take on the least serious functions from the ambulance service. At $175 a call to have paramedics come out and help people off the floor is ludicrous.

As for the buses, we have plenty of wind and sun to generate electricity for these vehicles if we sell the old ones and purchase new electric ones. The costs for acquiring the wind and solar power generators and units can be written off from the state.

Tomm Sanford

Crescent City

Attorney says he's victim

of character assassination

Although pathetic in tone and content, Stephanie Jacobs-Riese's tortured revision of the facts and McCarthy-like character assassination of me (andquot;Those accusing district attorney have vendettas,andquot; May 17) compel me to respond.

First, as anyone in the District Attorney's Office or on the Drug Task Force I worked with can tell you, I worked hard, winning every trial or motion assigned to me and was fired for my strong vocal opposition to the frequent reduction and dismissals of major felonies, meth sales and homicide cases. Add to that my refusal to drop the death penalty charge against Aryan Brotherhood murderer Stephen Olivares. If this is the stuff of andquot;corrupt behavior,andquot; I plead guilty.

Secondly, her husband's andquot;illegal gun situationandquot; was characterized as some desperate campaign creation on my part. Again, the facts intrude upon Jacobs-Riese's hazy view of reality. In early June, a courthouse employee found a fax from Mike Riese to Oregon gun dealer, Bob Gortz, soliciting the purchase of machine guns previously donated to the county. The employee contacted a peace officer who drove to Grant's Pass, Ore., met Gortz and recovered documents including a January 2006 cashier's check made out to Mike Riese. Those documents were turned over to county supervisors and auditor. When ascertained, the check was cashed through Riese's private bank account and never placed into the county treasury, the sheriff was contacted.When confronted, Mike Riese miraculously produced $4,400, saying he had been holding it for the county.

To date, Mike Riese's statement that he deposited the money in the county treasury remains unexplained. Also, why Riese secreted the money for six months until confronted by the sheriff or the questionable morality of attempting to put machine guns into the public.

Incredibly, Jacobs-Riese now blames me as the creator of this tawdry tale. It is, as usual, the Riese regime's practice of hit and run, bludgeon the messenger, while diverting attention from their fair-haired boy. They would be wise, however, to acknowledge the growing number of good and decent citizens in this county who refuse to go blind to the improprieties emanating from an official who, on paper, is dedicated to the dispensation of justice, but in practice prostitutes it.

Jacobs-Riese closed with a bald reference to a andquot;third judgeship coming up.andquot; She needn't worry - neither the citizens of this county nor Gov. Schwarzenegger could be as gullible or naive as she seems to believe.

Jon Alexander

Crescent City