When will work on Front andamp; H intersection be completed?

I recently had the opportunity to wait at the red light at the intersection of Arlington and Washington Boulevard.

It was a pleasure to watch the children skip safely across the busy street. The cars coming from the high school and the college were waiting for their turn, and it was orderly and as it should be. I applaud the supervisors for making sure the work was done to support safe travel by foot and by car.

In the Nov. 24, 2006, issue, it was reported that the City Council had unanimously voted to add safety features to the intersection of Front and H streets. It was stated that the crosswalk work could be finished in December.

Now I realize that the article did not say what year the work would be completed. Maybe December 2006? It is still an accident waiting to happen. I sincerely hope that we get a safer intersection before we need to put up a memorial.

Sharon McKinney

Crescent City