Local environmentalists not for real; get rid of river dams

I'm a veteran green activist and long-time member of the now worthless Sierra Club. I've been in town for less than a year, but I've already learned to view Friends of Del Norte and many of the local andquot;environmentalistsandquot; with contempt. They aren't real.

I don't know the Friends of Del Norte board member cited in andquot;Environmentalist fined for pollution,andquot; May 23), but I know the type. She has her excuses for allowing raw sewage to flog from her property into Lake Earl, just as the Biscuit protesters in southwestern Oregon had their reasons for cutting a tree in a botanical reserve to protest tree-cutting. But neither the excuses nor the andquot;environmentalistsandquot; are for real.

We all make mistakes, but these folks don't learn; they are lost in the goods they claim to protect. These andquot;environmentalistsandquot; avoid political theory and environmental philosophy, and they shun the new sciences that show the origin, forces and organization of life. They are proud members of the Flat Earth Society.

Those Klamath dams are for real, though, and seem destined to continue to stand over the river and our lives. It would take some intellectual integrity, political awareness and community organizing to take them down.

Joe Barnwell

Crescent City

Quotation refers to national policies, not locals, customers

I would like to first thank Cornelia de Bruin and the Triplicate for taking the time to write an article about our andquot;gem of all landscapesandquot; - the Patrick Creek Lodge (andquot;Lodge owners selling, moving,andquot; May 22). We couldn't agree more. Giving recognition to our fab barbecues that we do every third Saturday of the month and the two-page, Orange County Register article referenced in the Triplicate was appreciated as well. I believe all of Del Norte County was well served by the Register's pictures and copy.

I would like to correct though an impression that many of our friends/customers came away with, from a quote from Greg, that people in New Zealand are andquot;nicerandquot; and policies better than what we have experienced in Del Norte County. From the U.S. Forest Service and Cal Trans to our loyal customers/friends, nothing could be further from the truth.

Greg was referring to policies on a national level, which could have been discussed at a better time, i.e. andquot;rich get richer ...andquot; and did not reflect at all on our time spent here at Patrick Creek Lodge. We looked long and hard to find a place as beautiful as this and if and when we sell and move to New Zealand we can only hope that people there will be as kind and andquot;niceandquot; as the ones that visited our Lodge.

Rather than phone, come on out to the Lodge and you will find some really nice people.

Ellen Schaub

Patrick Creek