City should grant variance to good neighbor Rumiano's

Those of us who have been involved in the community are aware of the wonderful success story we find in the Rumiano Cheese Factory and its owner-director, Baird Rumiano, a visionary man who has taken the helm of his grandfather's initial cheese-making business, and through many years of dedicated work and pride, created the marvelous company of today (andquot;City: Allow Rumiano's to go up,andquot; May 30). Baird has constantly undergone costly investments to carefully and efficiently expand the company to produce a better product. I respect and admire this man, his wife and family for their talents and kindness to the community throughout many years and therefore wish to see his plans honored.

Every day I see his trunks pass my window, and I think, andquot;There goes another yum-yum truck loaded with tons of wonderful cheeses and butter to tease the palates of the many connoisseurs miles away, who never realize these great products are produced in a tiny site in our small town.andquot; We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful employer in the kind and mellow Baird and his great family who do so much for our community. His staff of many years attests to the quality of employment in his company, and as a visionary businessman he has few peers.

Another success story is the Rumiano Cheese Store at the Fairgrounds, a favorite place to shop for bargain-priced cheeses of all kinds and marvelous butters, as well as the great Taylor's Sausages, Alexander Farm eggs and wide assortments of fine wines and imported items. All this makes for great one-stop shopping for self and friends.

I believe we definitely need to support the Rumiano's in its expansion plans, especially when we reflect on the many past small business that have closed and left skeletal sites in our downtown area, a reminder of negative economic factors. My philosophy is to encourage and assist the businessman, particularly one with the success record of the Rumiano's. The area surrounding this enterprise is most suited for this type of business, and a slight modification is definitely warranted. And as a neighbor, I say, andquot;Go Baird! Make cheese!andquot;

In fact, I admire this enterprising family so much I feel they should be honored by our city fathers by naming them our Grand Marshal for our Fourth of July parade, as they truly encompass the very essence of the celebration: Honesty, hard-work ethic, kindness of the American spirit and independence for self and others.

Jan M. Martin

Crescent City

Show common courtesy,

install flashing lights at schools

I am writing this letter to make people think and be more aware. We are always telling our kids from a young age to watch for cars, don't play in the road. Just use safety skills.

Every day I take my children to their schools. And every day I come across kids put in danger. I don't think it is the intent of the parents or whoever is dropping or picking up the kids. At Crescent Elk school I come across cars that stop in the middle of the road and children being let out right in the middle of the road. First, that is rude. Secondly, they are showing the kids that it is fine to just go in front of cars. One driver that did this then yelled and honked at a child that ran in front of him! Talk about double standard.

There also are cars that stop in front of the parking lot entrance to let their kids out. That is just plain rude.

In front of Joe Hamilton School, cars are going faster then 25 mph. Do drivers not realize it is a school zone? Or do they just plain npt care that they are putting children in danger?

On Pacific Street, children are trying to go to school or home from school, and cars don't stop to let them cross. Do they not realize thereare three schools there?

Why are so many just not caring about the safety of the kids? Did you know that at almost all the schools in the county there is a flashing light to tell people to slow down, as well as signs that say school zone?

Crescent Elk, Joe Hamilton and Four Square do not having flashing lights. Why is that there are three schools in this block and yet no flashing lights? I ask this of the school board, the county and the parents.

Please do your part in making the children that attend these schools safe. Talk to people to make changes. We don't want to have cars hit children before we get a light. Let's all do our part to make a difference in children's lives, even if it's as little as some common courtesy. Talk to whoever has the power to put in the flashing lights, or write to the paper until someone listens and does something for the sake of our children's safety.

Windy Vanderhoofven

Crescent City