Steve Chittock

Best small town in America still exists here, and we feel good being a part of it

Since moving to the area about six months ago, my wife and I have been subscribers and (almost) daily readers of The Triplicate. We appreciate your efforts to balance local, regional and national/international news, your coverage of new businesses and your involvement in creatingthe recent environmental fair.We also appreciate the space you gave to the local candidates and issues prior to the November election.

But most of all, we want to thank you for publishing Inez Castor'scolumn.In our opinion, Inez is a real treasure. She makes us think and she makes us laugh.Her voice isgentle in an age of shouting and her willingness to share herself, her family, her knowledge and her wisdom make every weekly visita treat.

And we also want to use this letter to thank all the people in and around Crescent Citywho have made our move to the area such a joyful experience.From our previous visits over the years we knewthe best of small town America still exists here and it gives us a good feeling to be part of such a warm and welcoming community.

Happy Holiday wishes for everyone.

Willie Gilbert

Crescent City