Steve Chittock

Measure A drives prospective homeowners away from here

Regarding Measure A, do your math! So far we have 58 foreclosures in 2008. Prices for single-family homes dropped 17.4 percent. And do you know why? Because homeowners can't make their mortgage payments and are not able to pay their already high property taxes.

I ask you, do you want more homeless people and more beggars on every street corner? And who do you think pays their taxes?

By the way, some friends that have retired down south sold their business and intended to purchase a home in Crescent City. After they heard about the practices in Del Norte County, they decided to buy a home in Oregon. Is that the way to keep taxpayers out of Del Norte County? I call that reverse evolution! Gov. Schwarzenegger might be interested in what is going on in one of his counties!

Axel Antes

Crescent City

Smith River Rancheria supports high school club

The Native American Club at Del Norte High School would like to offer a warm thank you to the Smith River Rancheria for its generous donation to our club.

Our goal as a Native American Club is to educate ourselves and others about current issues, culture and the vastness of our Native American history. So thank you, Smith River Rancheria, for your generous donation. It is very much appreciated.

Emily Owings

Club president

Mishap at jetty in 1979 left lasting memories

I read with some interest your story of how Dr. Arian got washed off the jetty (Dec. 16). My wife and I were watching the high surf hit the jetty from our parked car on Thanksgiving 1979 when we saw first a VW Beetle with four people in itget washed off the jetty into the harbor by a wave that was easily 20 feet tall.

Then we saw a Crescent City police officer park his cruiser at the entry to the jetty and try to run out to the end to save these guys and another huge wave came and washed him off the jetty, too.

We drove at high speed toward the hospital (which was where the Hampton Inn is now) to report this (this was way before cell phones) and screeched up next to a sheriff's deputy writing a traffic ticket on Front Street.

We told him what we'd just seen and he called it in and we all went to the inside part of the jetty where the rescue started developing. The Fire Department was there, the California Highway Patrol and the Coast Guard.

They managed to rescue the officer, and the four guys just walked out of the surf on the inside of the jetty, walked through the gathering crowd and walked away from the scene. It was surreal.

I remember it vividly.

Hans Gerstacker


Local businesses support mammogram program

On behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project I am pleased to announce that the 2008 Free Mammogram Drawing was another tremendous success. This year we enrolled 730 women from Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

We wish to thank Del Norte Imaging, Humboldt Radiology Group, Jerold Phelps Community Hospital, Mad River Community Hospital, North Bay Radiology, Redwood Memorial Hospital, Sonoma Imaging, St. Joseph Hospital, Sutter Coast Hospital, and Wine Country Imaging for donating a total of 43 mammograms this year.

The hospitals and radiology groups involved in this exemplary collaboration have helped us to inform local women about the critical importance of annual mammograms for women who are 40 years of age and over, or who are in a special high risk category, as well as about the availability of financial resources for this screening.

We thank them for their support of women in our communities in their early detection efforts. We appreciate their contribution toward the goal of decreasing the number of women who are diagnosed with late stage breast cancer.

We are also grateful to the See's Community Fund for a generous donation for the printing costs. Color Impressions provided the printing services at reduced rate for the campaign.

Finally, we wish to thank the 730 women who participated for taking such an important step for their own health.

Carolyn Ortenburger

Outreach coordinator, Humboldt Community Breast Health Project


County's neglect of homeless unfair to Our Daily Bread

Because Del Norte County authorities chose not to allow Our Daily Bread Ministries to shelter the homeless during a near-freezing weather night, a woman died.

Did the county offer an alternative place for them? No! Instead, the ministry paid $1,000 to the county fairgrounds to use a building to house the needy for two weeks. What a shame! Why couldn't the county let them use the facility for free? Shame, shame!

Daily Bread should have its money refunded. Also, the employees had saved for a long time to give the poor a little Christmas party. Children, as well as adults, would have received presents - probably the only gifts they would have gotten for Christmas. This blessing, too, was snatched away from them.

Merry Christmas!

Lori Rooney

Crescent City