Steve Chittock

There must be no pardons for the Bush administration

There must be no allowances for pardons, "blanket" or otherwise, that will protect Bush, Cheney nor any members of their administration from the justice that they are deserving of.

To even think to allow for anything to the contrary is to set an exceedingly dangerous precedent for future abuses in this nation that I should think no one would wish to imagine in their worst nightmares.

Robert Humphrey


Guest editorial by Alexander was appropriate and right on

The guest editorial by Jon Alexander on Christmas Eve Day ("Season of giving presents moral ambiguities") was very well written, appropriate and right on. As I read of his journey through the storied neighborhoods and eras of San Francisco, I heard echoes of the columnist Herb Caen and I could almost hear it being spoken by KQED essayist Richard Rodriquez. It would have made Allen Ginsberg howl. Kudosto Mr. Alexander.

I agree with his observations of the country's financial ill health and I knowthat we are witnessing the biggest and most blatant robbery in the history of the nation, as more than $1.5 trillion in taxpayer money is being given to thethieving bankers and brokers by the bandit Bush administration and a complicitCongress.

Meanwhile, health care, education and poverty intervention programs of the state and nation are beingdiminishedand dismantled at an alarming rate due to a lack of funds and impotent governance at all levels. And to top it all off, when the Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson was asked to name therecipientsof the taxpayer money, he had the hutzpa to say that"releasing the information would be a dangerous step. The Fed must protect against substantial harm that would result from disclosing the names" of those receiving the taxpayer bailout.

Harm to who? If you want to "follow the money," as Deep Throat said, just check the list of corporate CEOs receiving hugh year-end bonuses and you'll know who the robber barons of 2008 are.

Grover S. Drengson

Crescent City

CAN gives monthly food boxes to more than 1,500 people

I am grateful that The Triplicate recently saw fit to produce a couple of leading articles on local homelessness (Dec. 20 and 23) and active, albeit partial solutions, and the many giving organizations which constitute part of that solution.

All this being so, I would like to bring up a minor but important correction.The Dec. 23 article stated of Community Assistance Network (CAN) that "more than 570 people receive monthly food boxes from the organization."Actually, more than 1,500 people receive monthly food boxes from the organization.And individual food box distributions happen 17,000-21,000 times per year.

This equates to an average output of 250 tons of food per year.Put in more accessible terms, this adds up to two large bags of groceries for every man, woman, and child in Del Norte County.

Doug Morgan

Executive director

Community Assistance Network