Steve Chittock

God does take care of us in his own way and time

God takes care of us in his time!

You see, eight months ago my wife and 2.5 kids were living in Grants Pass, Ore. I own a delivery company and Sarah works for Medford schools part time.

Then it starts: Sarah goes into three-week premature labor and we almost lose the baby. She makes it at 4 pounds, 5 ounces, but it's a slow and stressful time over the next two weeks. Then on June 4, it hits me: a heart attack. Now my wife is out of work, I'm out for who knows how long, we start losing everything.

Being self-employed, I lose my customers, then my wife's van and our home. We move into my sister's one-room apartment in Smith River until her landlord said we need to leave now. We are homeless with three kids, ages 10, 2 and 3 months. We spend the next eight weeks in and out of motels, our 10-year-old goes to live with Grandma and I end up in Sutter Coast Hospital with more heart pain.

Then it happened: A nice lady comes into my room to do some tests on me and falls in love with my 2-year-old son. Now it's 2 1/2 months later and we find a house. Things are starting to look up for us and I need more tests done at Sutter Coast and there she is, my angel. She asked all kinds of questions about my kids.

Then Tuesday night, someone pulls up to our house with gifts for my kids for Christmas and a gift card for dinner from Safeway. We had no money for gifts this year and now my kids have something to open on Christmas day and we get to have a real Christmas dinner thanks to the employees of Sutter Coast Hospital!

Thank you, Janie Allred. God does take care of us in his own way and time and you have given us a new reason to believe.

Gregg Dumas


Beating suspects were not related to homeless shelter

The Triplicate's front-page article on Jan. 6 ("4th arrest in beating at shelter") and other articles by Kurt Madar continually state that there was a beating at the temporary homeless shelter located at the fairgrounds. But at the end of the article, it is stated that the suspects involved were not homeless and not connected to the shelter. Why then not state that the incident took place at the fairgrounds?

This article has done the homeless an injustice by swaying public opinion that such a shocking crime was committed by those at the shelter. We desperately need a permanent winter shelter, especially as more folks are foreclosed and losing their jobs.

The homeless already suffer from public stigma and prejudice against them. Notice that most crimes reported in the newspaper are committed by those with housing.

Let's not give the public and civic leaders the impression that such a shelter harbors violence. Our Daily Bread Ministries is doing a great job of providing and monitoring this service in such chilling weather.

Carolynn Starr


Homeless Help Committee

Crescent City

Neighbors, government make retiring here not so nice

I used to come up here on vacation from the Bay Area. I thought this would be a nice small town to retire in. Wrong!

First I rented an apartment. The people upstairs were noisy day and night, bickering loud and slamming doors. I could not rest, so I bought a house.

(Later, I found out most people in the apartment building were in subsidized housing and paid little rent. This is the type that votes for higher taxes. They don't work.)

Now my taxes are higher than ever. And now, even though I paid into Social Security all my life (and I'm 83), the feds have cut my small monthly payments in half because they say the money I got from my old house was income.

I was in the Navy in WW II and I know people who came here, not having worked a day in this country, who get more Social Security and subsidized-this, subsidized-that than I do.

Charles Wallace

Crescent City