Kyle Curtis

Guest columnist writes callously of war, technologySurprise! A long guest column written by John Pike appeared in the Trip ("Coming to the battlefield: Stone-cold robot killers," Jan. 6). Mr. Pike also has a Web site on the subject of warfare in general, and future warfare in particular. To me, Mr Pike seems to be an enthusiast of war - darn, I had hoped that we could avoid talk of war after seven years of it, but apparently some never get enough.Isn't it enough that since WWII, America has virtually been at war somewhere all the time? America now is the biggest spender on warfare of any other single nation - or group of nations combined. What, Mr. Pike, are we up to? As a nation we are also, now, without real money - just printed stuff. Our Bush administration has spent more money for, or at, war, than all other presidents in history - 'course he had Mr. Cheney to help him, another man made rich from war spending and his buying investments related to war.Mr. Pike states that "War is about the sacrifice of blood and treasure" (someone else's blood and treasure?). Mr. Pike argued for the development and use of unmanned aircraft and other futuristic war stuff. He asserts that the unmanned flying drone is in our future. Specifically he stated: "Armed robotic aircraft soar in the skies above Pakistan, hurling death down on America's enemies in the war on terrorism." (Pardon a moment, I must bite a big raw steak.) Arrrgh!But Mr. Pike, don't you recall that America drove the Russians out of Afghanistan after we gave the Afghanis hand-held missiles - and Russian helicopters began to fall out of the sky - the Russians had sense enough to quit and go home? We have not.What happens, Mr. Pike, is that when one nation becomes too powerful, all other nations get frightened and want to take the big guy down - and that is what our messing around in the Gulf has done for us. Russia, India, China, North Korea and even Japan are all beginning to hate and arm against us. That will happen to your fancy new aircraft: thousands of hand-held anti-aircraft weapons, cheap ones. I think your fancy new drones can't win over a half-dozen enemies.To me you are simply another dreamer, a Flash Gordon - yet to be cut to pieces - while starting a new world war. Please leave me out!Walt MorseCrescent City