Steve Chittock

Overwhelming generosity lightens flood burden

About 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 28 a neighbor came banging on our door, alerting us of the flood that was running through the lower level of our house. Thank goodness we live up stairs.

What is devastating is the lower level was our guest room, art room and storage.We also stored things for our nephew and my sister, who had just experienced losing her home to foreclosure.All her possessions were down there.Our store, Cheap-o-Depot, had some damage from the flood waters also, with about 3 feet of muck in the parking lot.

We are thankful to local businesses and neighbors.The stress of knowing that there are precious things lost and the thought of cleaning up is almost a devastating experience.

Then Bill Santsche, the neighbor that woke us up so early the morning of the flood, comes with his tractor and helps scrape the bulk of the muck away from our store. A couple of other neighbors came with dinner. Wal-Mart donated plastic totes to store items that were salvageable. Ace Hardware donated pallets and OSB boards so we could make a temporary floor to keep my sister's belongings off the ground in the carport that Kragen Auto Parts gave her a discount on.Del Norte Disposal also kicked in and donated a Dumpster, because we had to throw away a lot of stuff.

And last but certainly not least, Home Depot gave us a hard-shelled carport with tarps, more totes and pallets with OSB boards for the floor so we had a place out of the rain to store our things.Rick, the store manager, called us back to check on our progress and offered to help us with anything we needed, including helping with the clean-up!

With everyone's help we are planning on reopening Cheap-o-Depot (our second-hand store) Feb. 5.

The generosity of this community is so overwhelming, it has truly lightened the burden of this disaster for us. We'd like to thank all of you for your kindness and your generosity.

Jeff and Linda Witvoet