Steve Chittock

Keeley oversees swimming pool mural with firm but easy-going manner

Over 60 of us, local artists all, are painting the gargantuan indoor pool mural, which we hope to complete in a week.

We painters all know that we owe so much to mural coordinator Chuck Keeley, who has had the monumental task of coordinating the entire project. He had to figure how much paint to order, and each morning, must mix hundreds of containers of paint for all of us, in precisely pre-measured batches.

He directs each painter to a specific area, depending on his or her area of expertise (water, rocks or critters) and also whether that artist is able to paint low or high (that ceiling is 20 feet up there!).

He must keep all of us hydrated (temperatures are over 90 degrees at the ceiling) and ensure that we wear our hard hats for safety. And he has had to dovetail the efforts of us artists with workers from the city and outside contractors.

His easy-going but firm ways have kept the project on track and yet allowed us to have so much fun!

Thank you, Chuck, from a grateful crew.

Garretta Lamore

Artist and member of the Crescent Harbor Gallery