Steve Chittock

'Change' has little meaning until we stop throwing lives away

I love my newspaper with my first cup of coffee in the morning. Today, I had to laugh.

Garbage and the homeless - OK folks, lets think about what the two stories have in common. First, we are a throw-away society. Months ago, a person left something in my mailbox, a copy of a cartoon.

How many people read Crock by Bill Rechin and Don Wilder? You have to see this cartoon to understand where I'm coming from. It shows two leaders of Crock World looking at a homeless man. The woman asks her husband, "How can you hear those hunger pangs and not do anything? The husband answers back, "You're right." The homeless man speaks up with, "Rumble, Growl and Rumber." Then you see the husband carrying the homeless man outside of the castle and dumping him on the ground.

Let's face it, the fairgrounds was the wrong place for the homeless and Our Daily Bread Ministries is the wrong group to run any shelter in this community.

I believe there is a group in this community that could run a community shelter using the concept of a one-stop service center to help the homeless here. I believe Rural Human Services and the county's social service people could develop a program for our homeless population. People need to talk to Ron Phillips at RHS to see where I'm coming from.

I deeply believe that RHS could run a real shelter for our homeless. For years they have run a shelter for women in this community.

Then, there is the story of the prison trash dispute. Why are the rates in Curry County cheaper than here Del Norte County? Are we missing the real point to the story? Until we as a society look at the real reason why we cannot cut down how we throw things away, and how we throw human lives away, the idea of change that we hear from our new president has very little meaning for me.

Richard Miles

Crescent City